The whelping box is ready

Whelping box for labradoodles

The whelping box has arrived. It’s 48″ square which will give Jasmine enough room to stretch out on her side.

As labradoodles are not of a standard size there is no standard whelping box for labradoodles and so we followed guidelines for choosing the size of a whelping box and measured Jasmine from nose to tail and added on 4″. Jasmine’s about 38″ from nose to tail but boxes seemed to come as either 40″ or 48″ so we decided to go for the larger whelping box so that she’ll definitely have enough room to stretch out. We’ve added ‘pig rails’ for safety.

I work from home and so we decided the best place for Jasmine to give birth in peace would be in my office and so my office is now part office, part canine birthing room. This means that I’ll be there for company in the first 2-3 weeks when she’ll be feeding the puppies. After this time we’ll move the puppies into the kitchen where they’ll see more action.

There are still two weeks to go until the puppies are due so Jasmine’s got plenty of time to get used to the box before they arrive.

Whelping box