Puppy updates from their new homes

We’ve received updates from each puppy’s new home to let us know how they’re settling in and all of them seem to be doing really well. Some of them found the first night in a new house, away from their litter mates, to be unsettling which is understandable.

Some families have sent photos which has been great and we can see how the puppies have grown in just a few days. We’ve heard how well they’re doing with their house training, how they’re getting on with other pets in the family as well as the naughty things they’ve got up to which has had us in stitches!

Thank you to all the families for letting us know how they are. It’s hard for us to let go and we don’t want to anyone to feel a duty to keep us updated but it would be lovely to hear about the puppies from time to time. I know when we’ve had new pets in the past we’ve never been sure whether the breeder would be interested to hear how they’re getting on but we are most definitely INTERESTED!