Puppy training classes

I’ve just met some very lovely people who are interested in Jasmine’s puppies and we were talking about puppy training classes. I realised I ought to give a big recommendation to Colin Rose, a dog trainer in Lansdown, Bath whose dog training classes I went to with both my dogs.

Colin is the ultimate dog expert who really understands dog psychology and can teach you how to train your dog. He teaches you to understand how your dog thinks and how to read dog body language. He not only runs puppy classes but also general dog training classes, dog agility classes and more.

Colin is also a friend and neighbour of Jane Morgan who we bought our dogs, Frank and Jasmine from. So, he is very used to labradoodles and knows Jasmine’s mother and grandmother extremely well; he even helped Jane out when her dogs were giving birth!

Please visit Colin’s website for more information: www.dogintuition.co.uk. The dog sitting on Colin’s lap in the picture on the home page of his website is actually Jasmine. Our other dog, Frank, is sitting in the background.