The puppies: Worming, exploring and learning to be on their own

The puppies are doing so well! They’re growing quickly and are paying much more attention to their surroundings. They’re enjoying watching the hens and our cat and Uncle Frank who impresses them with his ball catching and tug-of-war game play.

We finished their second set of worming last night. We’ve been giving them Panacur Small Animal 10% oral suspension of which they’ve had to have 0.5 ml per 1kg of their bodyweight for 3 consecutive days. They haven’t enjoyed this and neither have we! I haven’t tried it but you can tell from their faces that it does NOT taste good. Although the worming hasn’t been fun we’ve had no signs of any worms which is great. We’ll give them their final set of worming just before they go to their new homes at 8 weeks old.

140715 Worming Red

140715 Worming

140717 Worming Blue

The puppies have been out in the garden all day for most days recently as the weather’s been fantastic. However, we’ve been giving them opportunities to explore the whole of our kitchen so that they can get used to being out and about in the house.

We’ve also been giving each puppy some time to be on their own in the hope that this ease the transition from the litter to their new homes. During Blue’s ‘alone time’ yesterday she found her mother’s bed and settled down in there for a comfortable sleep.

Blue enjoying Jasmine's bed