Pictures and updates at nearly 5 months old

The puppies will be 5 months on 10th November. Time has really flown by.

We’ve received many pictures and updates from the puppies’ new homes and have been lucky enough to visit some of the puppies too.

So, in birth order, here are some of the pictures:

Floyd (Red)

Floyd came to stay for a few days at the beginning of September and these are some of the photos we took of him during that stay. He was a delightful guest; impeccably behaved, sweet natured and very good with the cat.

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Tigger (Green)

Tigger’s family sent us these photos of him last week. He’s now living near Wimbledon and looks like he’s having a great time indoors and out! Apparently he’s watching Match Of The Day on the telly. I think Tigger looks like his Great Uncle Frank.

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Hazel (Blue)

We met up with Hazel for a walk at the beginning of October. She then came in for a snooze before returning home to Corsham. Hazel’s a lot curlier that I thought she’d be when she was born. She’s so cute.

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Sonny (White)

We haven’t heard from Sonny for a while but we’re sure he’s having a great time as he’s living at a boarding school so will be busy entertaining many admirers.

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Winnie (Lilac)

Winnie is having a fabulous time with her family who live near Slimbridge. Her family has sent us many pictures of her and we were lucky enough to go to visit her last week along with Jasmine and Frank. Unfortunately Jasmine rolled Winnie in the mud so she’s looking pretty muddy in most of the pictures from our visit. She was so muddy she had to be hosed down and then put in the bath, whoops!

Winnie is the ideal dog. Her coat’s now quite short and curly. She’s so obviously happy in her home where she has a really lovely family including (alongside the humans!) Floss (the dog), hens, a goat and the most relaxed cat in the world (Murray).

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Bailey (Natural)

I went to visit Bailey at the beginning of October. He is having a superb time and had grown so much I’m not sure I’d have recognised him but I do think that he remembered me! He seems to be significantly bigger than the other puppies I’ve visited. Look at this handsome chap.

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The puppies are such a mixture of sizes and coats and all of them seem very happy and settled which is the best reward ever for us.