Pictures and updates at 9-10 weeks old

Lots of families have sent me pictures and updates of the puppies since last week and all have given me permission to share them here. So, in birth order, here’s how the pups are doing:

Floyd (Red)

We thought you might be interested in these photos that one of our neighbours (who is a professional photographer) took of Floyd. He’s settled in really well in his first week and is learning new things every day- puppy training with Colin starts on Monday. We’re having a really great time together, and I’ve still got a couple more weeks at home with him all the time. He’s also been carried up to town everyday and is raring to get going once his second round of jabs have settled. We’re working towards him sleeping through the night and making little steps towards progress. We also think he’s grown quite a lot- what do you think?

Tigger (Green)

We’ve had some hilarious updates about Tigger. Here’s the latest:

Just to let you know that Tigger has settled in really well . Sleeping all night and only a few accidents in the house. He has found a nice digging spot and has come in from the garden covered in mud a couple of times!

We couldn’t find him the other day and eventually discovered him chewing a sock in the loft room…he had climbed 2 flights of stairs . We now have a stair gate !

He has received visits from a westie, a puggle and another labradoodle and shows no fear of dogs larger than himself …. Possibly a little foolish !

The lady who does puppy training is coming to meet him tonight and she has already told me not to pick him up too much!

We have left him shut in the kitchen a couple of times for 45 mins and when we returned have found him fast asleep in the settee which is great . Haven’t used the crate .

A perfect pup!

Hazel (Blue)

Hazel is still with us at the moment as her new family are on holiday. She’ll be leaving for her new home on Sunday.

We’re really enjoying having her here with us. She’s enjoying the one-to-one time with Jasmine and is also having fun with Great Uncle Frank who indulges her with the odd game of tug-of-war. We’ve been carrying her in an old sling so she can join in the dog walks and see some of the big, wide world.

She’s sleeping well and eating well.

Sonny (White)

Here are some pictures of Sonny and one of his mate Tia.
Not sure how he managed it but on the second night here he convinced Tia to join him in howling! So from then on he sleeps beside her outside his open cage. Although as you can see he does use it as he knows it his space! He plays with his toys and any stick he can get hold of. He counts amongst his toys a pair of Alan’s sock which he literally took off his feet in a game of tug of war. He is so triumphant when he wins, although he has still to learn Frank’s tricks!

He has had a great time with 6 under 8 girls visiting! He was either at full tilt or fast asleep recovering.
He came out in the car with me this week too in a practice run and was really well behaved which bodes well for the future. Not so great yet on the wee training though.

He lives up to his nick name Hoover. Always on the lookout. Especially when he finds the cat food!
Second injections this week and chipping too then he can really be out and about.

Winnie (Lilac)

I thought it was about time we updated you on our gorgeous Winnie. We absolutely adore her, she is the perfect puppy. She has made good friends with Floss and the cat and so far has ignored the chickens. She will sit beautifully and is beginning to master other commands. She’s beautiful and clever and wants to please. She’s perfect! I have had dogs all my life but she is the best yet! Pics included, she’s grown a lot!

Bailey (Natural)

We were sent this update from Bailey’s family on the 10th August.

He’s doing so well,very affectionate, intelligent and obedient, he already knows Come Bailey, loves his toys , has a Very healthy appetite, and sleeps quietly all night, albeit in his crate next to me in the bedroom! Vet tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

We actually went to visit Bailey and his family yesterday. Jasmine and Hazel came too and it was lovely to see them reacquainted.

Bailey has grown a lot and was looking in fabulous condition. Anne and Roy are the ideal family for him and he’s clearly very happy with them.

Bailey 140810