Happy 1st birthday to Floyd, Tigger, Hazel, Sonny, Winnie and Bailey! We’re so proud of Jasmine’s puppies, they have all grown into fine dogs. On Saturday, 6th June we had a fabulous walk with all the puppies and their owners. … Continued

Look at Sonny! Update from his family: Here is Sonny enjoying Strictly Come Dancing. He bounces around the school with a real joy of life. Still lives up to his name Hoover. He loves his food!!

The puppies will be 5 months on 10th November. Time has really flown by. We’ve received many pictures and updates from the puppies’ new homes and have been lucky enough to visit some of the puppies too. So, in birth … Continued

This morning Hazel left us to go to live with her family – Fiona, Richard, Alex and Madeleine. This has been very hard because we’ve had a couple of extra weeks with Hazel and it was easy to forget that … Continued

Lots of families have sent me pictures and updates of the puppies since last week and all have given me permission to share them here. So, in birth order, here’s how the pups are doing: Floyd (Red) We thought you … Continued

We’ve received updates from each puppy’s new home to let us know how they’re settling in and all of them seem to be doing really well. Some of them found the first night in a new house, away from their … Continued

This evening Winnie left us to go to live with her family – Rachel, Pete, Ed, Will & Issy, not to mention their dog, cat and hens. Winnie is the perfect puppy; beautiful, affectionate, very sweet natured and intelligent. It … Continued

Tigger (formerly known as Green) left for his new home this morning. He’s gone to live near Wimbledon with Linda and her family. I’m embarrassed to say I shed a few tears as he left as he’s going to be … Continued

This evening we said goodbye to Floyd (Red) who has gone to live with his new family, Jay and Amanda. Floyd was the first born pup and was on Facetime to my daughter’s friend, Cecilia, when he was less than … Continued

Today Sonny (the-puppy-formerly-known-as-white) left to go to his new home. Sonny is going to live in a boarding school where we know he’ll get lots of attention and will be very happy. It’s been wonderful spending the last 8 weeks … Continued