Hazel (Blue) has gone to her new home

23rd August 2014 - Hazel
23rd August 2014 - Hazel

This morning Hazel left us to go to live with her family – Fiona, Richard, Alex and Madeleine. This has been very hard because we’ve had a couple of extra weeks with Hazel and it was easy to forget that she wasn’t going to stay with us forever. Unfortunately I wasn’t here when she was picked up but I’m not sure I’d have coped too well if I’d been here to see her leave. I’m sure she’ll be very happy with her lovely family and I hope their two kittens will be pleased to see her!

It’s been strange this evening without her. It’s odd being able to open the dishwasher without her jumping inside. It’s weird being able to hang a tea towel on the cooker door without it being whisked away and carried triumphantly around the kitchen.

Fortunately Hazel isn’t going to be too far away and I hope we’ll keep in touch, get together for walks and perhaps she’ll come back to stay while her family are on holiday …

I can hardly bring myself to post this picture but it has to be done. And then there were none …
24th August 2014 - Empty nest