Happy 1st birthday to Floyd, Tigger, Hazel, Sonny, Winnie and Bailey! We’re so proud of Jasmine’s puppies, they have all grown into fine dogs. On Saturday, 6th June we had a fabulous walk with all the puppies and their owners. … Continued

I’ve just dug out some more pictures of Jasmine’s first year. Lots of the pictures include our other labradoodle, Frank, who is Jasmine’s uncle as his sister Lily is Jasmine’s mum. See Jasmine’s first puppy photos.

Jacqui (Bear’s owner) sent me this very cute picture of him as a puppy: He actually looks very similar to Frank, our other labradoodle who is also Jasmine’s uncle, as a puppy.

I’ve just been looking through photos of Jasmine when she was a puppy and thought I’d share some of them. See more photos of Jasmine in her first year.