Meet the parents

Jasmine - F5 Labradoodle

The Dam

Cream labradoodle
3 years old
21″ tall
Thick wiry, wavy coat
Jasmine’s puppy pictures
Bear - F1 Miniature Labradoodle

The Sire

Cream labradoodle
5 years old
18″ tall
Thick fleecy, wavy non shedding coat
Bear as a puppy

Jasmine is a multi generation labradoodle and she has been mated with Bear, a first generation labradoodle. Both parents are family dogs with wonderful, gentle temperaments.

The puppies will start their life in the heart of a busy family home. We have two children and another labradoodle, Frank, who is aged 6 and Jasmine’s uncle. We also have a cat and hens so these puppies will be well socialised!

The puppies were born on 10th June 2014 and will be ready to go to their new homes from 5th August 2014.

When you come to visit the puppies you will not only be able to meet their mother, Jasmine, but also our other labradoodle who is Jasmine’s uncle. Therefore, you will be able to see 3 related generations of labradoodles.

Jasmine’s background

Jasmine’s mother, Lily, is a lovely example of the labradoodle breed with an excellent temperament and completely non shedding coat. She is the daughter of Lodmoor Ted (Cosmo), a well known stud labradoodle who has sired very good pups. Many of Cosmo’s progeny have had very low hip scores, in fact one of his sons had the very rare zero zero hip score. Lily and Milly’s owner, Jane Morgan, is still in contact with the families of many of their offspring and has never had any reports of hip or eye problems or any other issues.

Alfie, Jasmine’s father, is a very attractive dog. Quite compact with a non shedding fleece coat. He also is a family dog with a lovely temperament and lives down the road from Lily and Milly.

On the subject of temperament, two of Jasmine’s litter mates were chosen by Canine Partners to be trained on the basis of temperament. In fact, all the available puppies passed the tests, but two dogs were selected and are reported to be very successful assistance dogs.

This is Jasmine’s first litter.

Bear’s background

When selecting a mate for Jasmine we wanted a compact labradoodle as, for us, Jasmine is the ideal size, standing at 21″ to her shoulder. We also wanted a dog with a thick, curly coat but above all he had to be a family dog with the same gentle temperament of our own labradoodles. Bear, a local boy and proven stud dog with many healthy puppies to his name, ticked all these boxes. Bear’s owner, Jacqui, said that people usually select Bear for his looks and she always emphasises his superb temperament which is so important.

Bear has clear prcd-PRA eye tests which means than no puppies he sires will be affected with the prcd form of PRA. He also has good hip scores.

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