Our 3 year old multi-generation labradoodle, Jasmine, gave birth to her first litter of puppies on 10th June 2014. She had 6 puppies; 2 girls and 4 boys.

Jasmine is the ideal, loving family dog and Bear, the father, is another family dog with a superb temperament. Both Jasmine and Bear are medium sized labradoodles, standing at 21″ and 18″ respectively.

The cream labradoodle puppies will be available to go to good homes from 5th August 2014.

Why labradoodles?

We have labradoodles because they are such fabulous family dogs. We got our first labradoodle, Frank, when our children were aged 4 and 7. Frank has always been the most fabulous dog, very good natured and never given us any cause for worry around the children.

When Frank’s sister, Lily, had puppies at the age of 3 we decided that it was the ideal opportunity to get another labradoodle from a line of labradoodles that we knew to be very healthy and with fabulous temperaments. Jasmine joined our family and slotted in straight away. Now she and Frank are the best of friends. Frank is quite a big dog but he has always been very gentle with Jasmine even when she used to hang off his ears as a pup.

Both Frank and Jasmine came from Lansdown Labradoodles who we are still in close contact with, in fact we walked with Lily, Jasmine’s mum, and Milly, Frank’s mum and Jasmine’s grandmother, only a couple of weeks ago.

We decided to let Jasmine have a litter of puppies because of our long connections with her ancestors. We are sure these puppies will not only be beautiful but will also have wonderful temperaments, making them the ideal family pet.